So after my typical once every so often recover week off i got back in yesterday to do chest. My routine was something like this...
Decline machine press
Upper pec cable flys
Lower pec cable flys
Flat bench BB - 2 sets and a stretch at end with just bar
declone bench- one set for stretch
incline machine press
Decline machine press

All exercises other than the ones i mentioned were 3-4 sets for a tough 10 reps.
When i decided to hit decline machine press the second time, i did not go heavy. I felt a sharp pain in my upper pec are like a needle stabbing me in a few spot or a blade running across my muscle from shoulder to almost inner pec.
Is this common feeling prior to muscle tear? My should is already had an issue over the years which adds to my laggin chest, i don't like to play with big weight since i tend to feel it on my shoulder alot more often. I do tuck my elbows a bit so i know its not that.

Any ideas on te pec pain?