IDEAS FOR a good bodypart split for my 3 week mdrol run

  1. Exclamation IDEAS FOR a good bodypart split for my 3 week mdrol run

    hi everyone its been a busy and hectic year and allways looking to make gains while dealing with everyday life and responsibilitys.

    im 6,5 and at around 305 lbs at the moment..not shure of my bf percentage but i can make out my

    ive done alot of ph in the past and you can say i have some experience with them and im not a newbie..

    im 4 months clean..natural etc and my last run was d-plex and the original ax phera and i liked it...the deplex was great at 150 mg a day and the phera really shot my strenght up i did loose some water weight but i kept good gains.ive had my go with epi couple times and some tren runs...i loved the tren the most i think when looking back.

    okay heres the deal... ive got 6 weeks until my wife has my first baby...yeah im excited but i know im gone to be really busy so i want to get the most out of this as possilble!

    this is my first time with mdol..but ive researched it well and im preped for it(re4ady to go)

    im going to be only running this 21 days so i wanted to know from you guys any type of good ideas for a split...right now i hit each body part once a week on a four day split.

    im up for any ideas and want to do something different in this 3 week period

    even hitting everything twice a week through inderect work or whatever...

    any advice on a good intense bodypart split would be gladly welcome...not looking for to much in depth reps sets etc...just a good 3 week plan to pack as much on as i can (and i am using the drol as a bulking cycle)

    so hit me with what ever you guys have on ideas as if you had just 3 weeks left of your life to pack on some size.

    thanx and cheers

  2. Hit each muscle group twice a week.

    push pull off repeat, or push pull legs repeat-with 1 day a week off if you feel you need it.

    2 of 4 exercises per muscle group each workout, 4-8 rep range or whatever rep range you have previously had most success with.

    3 sets per exercise, give or take. Possibly less for isolation exercises that are already being hit with compounds, even if its 1 set.

    Alternate excercises so you never do them twice in a row for ex:
    Monday pushA
    tues pullA
    wed legsA
    thur PushB
    fri PullB
    sat legsB
    Sun off or repeat

    Example of exercise rotation for chest:
    PushA: Decline BB Bench, Flat DB bench
    PushB: Flat DB Flyes, Dips

    I would also get re-accustomed to any exercises you haven't done in a while before hitting the PHs.

  3. i disagree w/ working each body part twice per week. if you're hitting it hard once is enough especially considering the indirect work you get

    day 1 - Chest
    day 2 - Back
    day 3 - Shoulders
    day 4 - rest
    day 5 - Legs
    day 6 - Arms
    day 7 - rest

    *3 to 5 exercises at 3 to 4 sets(not including warm ups) per bodypart

    this is my split, but i go 5 on, 2 off instead
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  4. On my m-drol to p-plex bridge I worked the hell out of the advanced 5x5, plus some isolations for lagging parts....heavy compounds 3x per session, 3x a week.....hells yeah!! That is how you make big gains.....

    I was blowing by the goals set for each week in the spreadsheet, and that was the only time that's ever happened, while on m-drol.

    I would get either p-plex or epistane to bridge into....3 weeks of big gains doesn't leave much time for your body to adapt to, so it may be hard to hang onto gains. Plus milder compounds at the end seem to make PCT go smoother.

    My .02....good luck to ya!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  5. thanks for the imput... i think the first week im going to keep it about the same as far as split then rev it up week 2-3....i would like to bridge into a mild but im short on time and will have to work with this for now and im pretty excited about it...ive never done a short cycle so the idea of high volume work and 3 weeks somehow has me pretty motivated.



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