Poor kids with no form

  1. Poor kids with no form

    Just thought I'd rant for a moment....You guys ever see those kids that are around 16 years old with the worst form ever in the gym? I mean piss poor down right WRONG form? Sometimes I really wanna help these kids but every time I see someone else try to help they just give attitude. Then go back to repping 135 on bench 3 times and tote around 14 inch pipes like they are godly................Sometimes I just wanna chunk a plate at a ****y noob head man.

  2. i honestly hate everybody else in the gym. i dont like scrawny guys cause they are in my way. i dont like fat guys cause they smell. i dont like guys that are bigger than me cause im a hater. i dont guys that have no form cause they look stupid. i dont like ugly girls cause they need to stop looking at me. i dont like the hot girls cause they distract me and bring out the inner pervert. i dont like the staff cause what the hell do they do all day and what they took a wkend course to persoanl train.

    i decided to join your rant.

    i dont like you cause you got me all riled up for no good reason.

  3. Sometimes i feel bad for them, other times they make me laugh. Just depends.

  4. ^^^ Bro I just laugh. I feel sorry for myself for having looked at them..

  5. That lady is my motivation for going to the gym..........if i can land a chick like like that i will be golden.

    ......but then again its prolly so loose it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...............



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