bigger chest wo

  1. bigger chest wo

    ive been doing the same chest workout for a while and need a new one. ive noticed a plateu. i want to get my chest more wider and stick out more. any advice would be appreciated

  2. Whats your current chest WO?

  3. Get angry and do more weight!

    try a new pwo supp, if nothing else the placebo effect will help motivate you

  4. Big Weight = Big Chest

    You ever seen a guy bench 350lb with a little chest? Nope.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by triton185 View Post
    Big Weight = Big Chest

    You ever seen a guy bench 350lb with a little chest? Nope.
    I got a bigger, wider, fuller chest than a bud of mine, but he benches a hell of a lot more than me.. He got real big triceps though..

  6. A lot of the old guys did pullovers and deep squats to expand the rib cage and give them a barrel chest. Pilates also works the muscles in the rib cage-haven't tried pilates. There's a ton of exercises for chest. Guys like Dorian Yates respond with heavy training low reps, while others, like Shawn Ray, prefer higher reps. Both had great chest development. You need find what works for you.
    Post your workout to get better advice from the guys here.

  7. Doing dumbell press instead of bench helped my chest for a month or two. It filled in closer to my arm pits and gave my whole chest a fuller look. It actually helped my shoulders out too, strengthened my stablalizer muscles, got rid of some pain I had. Bottom line, I think changing up your routine and adding more weight while maintaining form as to not injure your self is key.

  8. if you want width i recommend db flys... does the trick!!!

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