possible tear?

  1. possible tear?

    So today i was going to do some plyos get ready for a fight in august.

    so i came in jump roped for a warm up then stretched.

    then i went outside did a length of high knees, and butt kicks to warm up.

    then we started sprints.

    by my 4th step i feel a deep debilitating sharp pain in my quad cant hardly walk, or sit without pain. lifting my leg hurts.

    it started to bruise hower not sure if thats from me trying to rub it out, or in relation to the injury.

    i am on Clen 40mcg per day, and IGF1 40mcg per day, since monday.

    what if anything should i do. especially for training. I WANT TO FIGHT!

  2. Get your ass to a specialist.

    Is there swelling? When you say its starting to bruise, is that like a punch in the eye bruise, or deep discoloration?

  3. if you experienced a sharp, deabilitating pain plus a bruise I would say high chance you tore something. I agree, seek medical care.

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  4. If it is torn, it can be either partial or complete, with the latter being the worse. If you develop something like a saggy knee, you need to see an Ortho-Pod as soon as possible since that would indicate a quadriceps tendon tear, which will require surgery to repair. Best advice that I can give over the Internet: see a specialized doctor immediately. PM me if you have any questions.

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