1. calisthenics/pushups/pullups

    my question is would it be good to have one day a week in my routine to add a day with just calisthenics?would it make me stronger/would it help me get cut? (============

  2. I use to do this. I'd just add one day to do

    Push ups 100-200
    Pull ups 50
    dips from a chair 50
    chin ups 50
    sissy squats AMRAP
    glute raises AMRAP
    calf raises 100 diminishing set
    hanging leg raises AMRAP
    planks and side planks

    I enjoyed doing it , and I could just do it at home.

    But I felt like I added too many days in a week and changed it up.

  3. It depends if your goal is to get better at them?

    Those wouldn't necessarily help you lose fat over traditional weight training.

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