Can you critique my workout plan?

  1. Can you critique my workout plan?

    Hey everyone. I'm spending three weeks away from the gym (not of my own will) and I've spent almost all the time reading up on new information related to BB.

    I hate that I can't workout right now , such a bummer.

    Anyway, for the past two years I've been working out with high frequency, very low volume. I've made some gains but I decided I should just workout like other BB and stop using the excuse "they are big because of AAS".

    Just want an opinion on my workout.

    Id be doing a few warm up sets, then some ramping sets, and 2-3 working sets.

    Reps depending on exercise/muscle group (higher reps for delts, lower for leg curls/deadlifts) , but would be around 6-15 range.

    Any advice or opinion on exercise selection would be greatly appreciated

    Oh by the way, I'd be bulking, and I'm NOT currently going to school OR working so I have all the time in the world to rest and recover.

    Day 1 – Chest/Shoulder/Tri
    Day 2 – Legs/abs
    Day 3 – Back/Bi
    Day 4 – Off
    Day 5 - Repeat

    -DB Incline
    -Incline Fly
    -DB Flat
    -Flat fly
    -Low fly

    -Barbell or EzBar Curl
    -Incline Hammer Curl
    -Preacher or Concentration Curl
    -Behind the neck cable curl

    -Hanging Leg Raises
    -Cable Crunches
    -Wood chops
    -Planks + Side Planks

    -Back Squat
    -Reverse lunges or Bulgarian split squat
    -Leg extensions

    -Pull throughs
    -Romanian deadlifts(dumbbells)
    -Leg curl

    -Donkey Calf raises
    -Seated Calf raises

    -Military Press
    -Upright row
    -Face pull
    -Lean away lateral raises
    -Rear delt raises

    -Close grip bench presses
    -Cable tricep extensions
    -Skull crusher with extra extension

    -Bent over Barbell Row
    -Cable rows
    -Wide grip pull ups
    -Narrow chin ups
    -Pull over’s

    -Barbell shrug

  2. IMO 3 on 1 off is not the best way to go to bulk. 2 on 1 off is better.

    Biceps could use more compound movements...chin ups, barbell curls, and you are neglecting anything reverse grip which will put size on your bi's

    other than that, your diet is what will ultimately put size on you

  3. Haha I have chin ups and barbell curls listed there dude!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ession View Post
    Haha I have chin ups and barbell curls listed there dude!
    my bad I saw the EZ bars and didn't look under back for chins.

    Either way, I've found that 3-4 days tops lifting a week is the best for mass. More rest is actually better. Rest and Nutrition. You wanna lift hard enough to cause growth, not just to be tossin' weights around.

  5. Pretty solid routine, cant really critique much, except use a vbar or rope for tricep cable extension, and change skull crushers to french press, but this is a bit pedantic.
    How are you training, all work sets to failure or only the last work set of each exercise?

  6. Hey hectic ,sup?

    Thanks for the input, but I've always been confused as to what the difference between an extended skull crusher and a French press is. This of course being when they are performed on a flat bench when you're laying down.

    If you could help explain the proper form of a french press it'd be greatly appreciated!

    I'm training with a few warm up sets, a few ramping sets, then two-three all out blast sets with full intensity.

    Sort of following a yates mentality to workouts

  7. Skull crushers have the bar come down to your forehead, french press brings it down just behind your head.

    Yates only goes to failure once each exercise, his work sets are done close but not to failure, he also sometimes does forced reps on the failure sets thanks to his intense training partner but I wouldn't recommend this with 2x a week for each muscle, yates only hits each muscle group 1x a week.

  8. Ah okay...I can't wait to just hit the gym again. 8 more days..

  9. Oh yeah any tips for how long I should rest between sets?

  10. More rest if you are lifting heavier, 60-90 secs for you I would assume.


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