Best Exercises for Bicep width from front?

  1. Best Exercises for Bicep width from front?

    When viewed from the side, my biceps look fairly decent in size. Yet when looking at them from the front, as in a direct reflection of the mirror, they arent very wide. Any hints on the best exercises to increase the "width"?

  2. Heavy ass pullups, followed by barbell curls. Seriously try it, it's amazing!

  3. bench incline curls

  4. Incline curls will hit the outer head a little more. I'm thinking what your looking for is to put emphasis on the inner head. Exercises like preacher curls, concentration curls, pull ups( really squeeze your pinky when at peak contraction) closer grip BB curls. .

  5. I dont usually do pullups, but can add them in! I do concentration and preachers curls in nearly every arm routine.

    I dont do alot of incline curls or barbell stuff, so I'll switch my routine for a bit and see if that helps.

  6. I like hitting cable concentration curls, and cable narrow grip EZ-bar curls last in my routine. I keep the reps high and squeeze. The pump is crazy. gorges the bicep heads with blood.


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