intense conditioning, is this right?

  1. intense conditioning, is this right?

    During the summer, i will be conditioning. With the soccer team, because i play soccer, and with the football team in the weight room. Schedule is like:

    8-10: running, stairs, scrimmaging etc. with soccer
    10-12: weight lifting full body with the footballers

    is this a good eating plan?
    breakfast: either 3 eggs w/ lowfat bacon or oats w/ whey and p.b., multi, fish and flax oil
    in between soccer and football:whey + creatine shake and oat bar, flax oil
    after weightlifting: whey and creatine shake, oat bar and then a meal after if possible

    trying to add muscle mass, maintain, you know. a really lean bulk

  2. If you are looking to bulk, even clean bulk, atleast 2 hours of cardio every day is going to really slow you down. Make sure your diet is setup beforehand.

    I would go with the oats/whey for breakfast personally.

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