college baseball player in need of workout

  1. college baseball player in need of workout

    SO heres the deal, im a college baseball player and i have decent size right now, but obviously strength and speed make a BIG difference. I cant seem to find a good work out program that focuses on baseball players but also gets you bigger and stronger... Everything i come up with either makes you huge which is not a good size for a middle infielder... or cut and defined. I want to find a happy medium. Any ideas?

  2. This would do you just fine:

    Don't get caught up in making things overly complicated, a stronger athlete is a better athlete, simple as that, and most of the time the simplest of programs can be the most effective.

  3. ^^agreed. a lot of coaches (mine in particular) think you need all these crazy workouts involving working on on unstable surfaces, standing on one foot, holding a kettleball above your head with your other finger on your nose.

    Keep it simple. Baseball isn't a game of strength, its a game of POWER. It doesn't matter how heavy a bat your swing, its a matter of how FAST you swing it.
    work out compound moves, lifting heavy weight as fast as you can with good form. Remember to stretch, especially your chest and shoulders, if your chest tightens up, you'll lose the whip in your arm resulting in arm strength decreasing.

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