Shoulder training

  1. Shoulder training

    Have people found that slightly high reps for shoulders with good form work better for consistent strength/size gains?
    I normally do shoulders heavy, and with lower reps like I do for most other bodyparts, the 5-8 range for a heavy compound set, but i've always had a bit of trouble increasing shoulder lifts vs all my other lifts.
    Should I go for intense but slightly lighter sets of 10-12?

  2. i can increase shioulder lifts no problem for the most part, however i have issues with how my shoulders grow, so i am incorperating on press day for shoulders and a seperate Raise day for them as well. try and force something beautiful outta it lol

  3. I don't have much problem with size, and width etc. I'm still just playing around with the rep scheme I guess.
    so 145*8
    135*10 or something like that.
    my front delts could use a bit of work, i'm just not sure whether to stay going heavier or lighten it up a bit and do slightly higher reps, as i've heard people say shoulders grow better with slightly higher reps.

  4. The only way your going to find what work for you, is to experiment. You might find that after a couple of weeks of higher reps, you've added a little size. Only time and intensity will tell.

    Also changing rest periods in between sets might stimulate size and/or strength for you.

  5. If you are cheating on the lower reps then that would explain why they are growing better off higher reps, swinging your back isnt the only thing, but your traps for side laterals, and back for rear delt rows can compensate towards peak contraction taking a considerable amount of load off the delts, although that is suppose to happen physiologically, it kind of sucks, if you try fight it you only risk an injury, although for side delts you can try lean away side lateral raises which should isolate them best.

    Another reason is the delts have a fiber makeup that favour slightly higher reps but I wouldnt go beyond 15.

  6. I've personally got more growth from high weight/low rep. I may switch it up soon though. The shoulders are the only part I get worried about. You go too heavy on chest and you just can't rep it, you go too heavy on shoulders and you blow one out :/

    I try to stay at 8-6-4 or 10-8-6. I usually won't go over 10 unless I've got a huge burst of energy and chose too low a weight.

    EDIT: ^^^^ Good point on the part about "cheating" on lower reps. I never really thought about that or took it into account.

  7. I don't usually cheat, but i've found i've done better with the shoulder exercises where I'm sitting down rather than standing. So maybe Sitting for all of my shoulder exercises will help emphasize form and discourage cheating.
    I also might try going a little bit lighter for higher reps on shoulder exercises, or at least certain ones.

  8. This is interesting. I've been trying to go heavy since I'm looking for shoulder growth, but I may try backing off a bit to see what happens.

  9. I think too much emphesis on HEAVY shoulder training, is not good. Your shoulders are already under alot of stress during heavy pressing movements.

    Keep the reps in the mid-range, an keep the intensity high. They'll grow.

  10. Cycle your reps, save your shoulders.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Blacktail View Post
    Cycle your reps, save your shoulders.
    Agreed. No need to go 'low' or 'high' all the time.... anyway pressing/rowing/raising motions for the shoulders probably respond differently to different intensity levels.


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