Can't do legs (INJURY), best Upperbody Regimen FOR SIZE

  1. Can't do legs (INJURY), best Upperbody Regimen FOR SIZE

    I'm doing physical therapy for my legs, my diet is in check and I do cardio 30 minutes everyday but I'm gonna cut it down to

    Mon - 20 minutes + Lift
    Tue - 30 minutes
    Wed - 20 minutes + Lift
    Thu - 30 minutes
    Fri - 20 minutes + Lift
    Sat -30 minutes
    Sun - Rest

  2. What kind of injury?

    If you can walk, stand and support your own weight plus some dumbells then try a push/pull/legs split, just miss the leg day until you recovered.

    So Push:

    Bench Press
    Dumbell Flys / Cable Flys
    Skull Crushers
    Incline Press


    Pullups (weighted if you can)
    Single Arm Rows

    Then once you are recovered and ready to throw in a leg day start on the Squats and Deadlifts, keep your push & pull days the same.

    For size, eat eat eat. I alternate between 5x3, 5x5 and 3x10 to keep my body guessing. I like the 5x3 because I can move more weight but 3 rep sets are really more for strength. But with more strength will come more size I think.......

  3. Looks good, just remember that if your already pushing yourself with cardio atm and your not lifting, once you start lifting you will have to lower your cardio intensity a bit, consider the 20mins cardio before lifting just a warmup to get the blood flowing, I over did cardio once and its not fun, couldnt do anything for 2 weeks cause of a headache.

    I think the best routine would be HST and I have also heard DC training is good too for size but I heard its only for experienced lifters and its a bit more brutal, I doubt it would be best for a cut. Lots of people have had great results with HST on a cut so you might wanna go with that.

  4. I'm thinking of doing a similar routine to what you posted BassGuy but this:

    3x10 Dips
    3x10 Crossovers
    3x10 Skull crushers
    3x5 Shoulder Presses
    3x8 Upright Rows

    3x10 Pullups
    3x10 Curls DB Alternating
    3x8 Reverse Grip Barbell Rows
    3x8 Lat Pulldowns

  5. It looks like a good solid start.

    I tend to put together a workout, run it for 2 or 3 weeks and tweak it along the way.

    Once it is tweaked and I am comfortable with the lifts and got a good feeling for how many sets/reps I can lift at a certain weight I will run it for several more weeks upping the weight each week.

    Then I'll switch it around and add new lifts and mess things about.

    All about getting a feel for how your body responds to different things, just don't put together a workout you like and then run it forever..........will get boring and you won't see the best results.

    And if its mass you want remember to keep eating big

    Good luck man



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