OVT or HST Training? no leg days tho..

  1. OVT or HST Training? no leg days tho..

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks again everyone for helping me out. So I just had an ACL reconstruction and its been a week. Ill be back in the gym tomorrow and I've decided to change my program. I was using some of the GVT technique for my cut and had tremendous results and was able to get down to 6%bf. I just want something new but with the same shredding results while still adding some lbm.

    I've narrowed down to two programs that look very promising. Either HST or OVT training. The thing is, i wont be able to do any legs for a few months and I didnt know if either of these programs could be used to its full potential without doing legs...
    So the main questions are, without doing legs, are these programs still good? and if so which one over the other?

    o and ive been using the AD diet for sometime now. 60%Fat 36%Pro 4%Carbs... taking in around 3000 calories everyday.

    Thank you so much!

    thanks guys

  2. I havent heard of OVT but HST is good, I use it myself, I am surprised its not mentioned here more often.

    Stick to the program for HST but use your own exercises and add in dropsets once a week in the 5s and post 5s. And make sure you keep weekly total reps the same as what worked for you previously. I would also only do 1 week of 15s but 3 weeks of 5s, repeating the weight in the 5s 3 times in a row rather than only 2 times. And your starting weight in 15s being no less than 50-60% of your 1RM.
    The things I mentioned are optimizations supported by Bryan which he left out in the cookie cutter HST to keep things simple.

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