Captains of Crush - When to Move up?

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    Question Captains of Crush - When to Move up?

    Hey guys,

    A couple months ago I started doing grip training with the COC grippers. I was able to close the #1 right away so I started with the #1.5. I can now do 10 full reset reps with the right hand and 5 with the left for the 1.5

    Should I jump straight to the 2.5 (238) or should I just opt for the 2 (195)? I'm thinking I will prob be able to close the 2.5 with my right and maybe the 2 with my left.

    Reps for input.


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    Nice job being able to close the 1 straight off that's a great start, if it were me I'd just jump up to the 2 if you're looking to save the money you could probably move up to the 2.5 I wouldn't expect an easy close though but big kudos if it is. Just be careful not to let your right get to far ahead of your left.

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