NEED HELP with the bench

  1. Question NEED HELP with the bench

    Im new to this forum and also farley new to working out ive been working out for 6 weeks and ive seen some amazing results that i only dreamed of...but my question is i want to get my bench up to 300 by the end of the year i have some phs to help me on my journey but i was wondering what is the best way to bench and how to do it to get stronger???like for example is 5 sets of 6 of heavey weights good?? plz help thank you (=

  2. i guess if your just going for strength then low reps but id save the PH's for later on in life after you reach a definite plateu.

  3. Find a weight you can lift 3 times at most. When you are confident, add slightly more weight to it. Be careful and keep up the goal. That is my goal too.

  4. If you've only been working out for 6 weeks, you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you use a PH. If your diet is not spot-on, your gains will be better than they would be with a PH and the diet you probably currently have, not to mention you won't be ****ing with your long and short term health.

    As for benching, you should be able to find some videos on Youtube in which proper form is explained. If you really want to beef up your bench, I'd say you should start with 5 sets of 5 reps. Make sure you have a spotter.

  5. He posted two of the same topics, the other one went for over a page I think. Just so yall know

  6. No, you don't need a spotter. What you need is a power rack. Then set the pins just above your chest and THEN bench from the bottom of the lift.

    Doing this method has yielded the greatest gains for me atleast.


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