Bench pressing from the chest.

  1. Bench pressing from the chest.

    So I have been setting up my presses by starting the bar on top of my chest instead of unracking and just wanted to know if there is any value to be gained from this. If your wondering I set books under my back to raise me to the bar.


  2. you can do the same thing in a squat/power rack by using the pins.

    I haven't personally done it but most people swear by it for upping your max and getting you out of plateaus. I will give it a shot during my next bulk in a few months because I totally suck at bench and can use all the help I can get on it


  3. Pin presses from the bottom of the chest are very effective, simply cause they are much harder and force you start the lift at a dead stop. They are best done with low reps, I wouldn't go over 5 with them, and make sure you stay tight and warm up thoroughly before doing them, cause you can really mess your shoulders up with them.

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