Keeping strength = keeping muscle?

  1. Keeping strength = keeping muscle?

    I am on a fat loss cycle.

    My arms are shrinking yet my strength is the same (bicep curls, french presses, OHP keep same).

    Does this mean I am keeping my muscles?

    In terms of losing arm size, is that just glycogen and intramuscular fat that I lost?

  2. Probably glycogen, are you on a low rep range?

  3. No not really. My rep range is the same as b4 I started fat loss.

    set 1= warm up
    set 2 = 5-7 reps, heavy
    set 3 = 7-10 reps - feel the burn
    set 4 = 10-12 reps - feel the burn

  4. If you are keeping your strength during fat loss, your probably not losing tooo much muscle, but probably some.

    Muscle mass is not directly proportional to lifting strength.

  5. COuld the size loss also be due to less blood nutrients (and hence volume)?

  6. definitely when your dieting, your muscles can be more "flat" from reduced carbohydrates and water retention. which is what "hectic" was referring too.

    Your bound to lose a bit of muscle, unless your on cycle.

  7. I am on 250mg of test e a week and using cytomel, 50mcg a day (split in 2 doses)

    I am eating about 2800-3000 calories a day. Prior to this (and without cytomel) I was eating 3600 cals a day, that was pretty much my maintenance calories

  8. are you going to bump that test up to 500? But even 250 should prevent loss of muscle, so its most likely just fat and glycogen.

    Sounds like you know exactly what your doing, dont stress too much, youll be lean in no time.

  9. Sounds like your losing fat on a cut.

  10. Can someone also tell me why I have lost appetite since I started the 50mcg/day cytomel?

  11. everything ive read suggests it should increase appetite, there are so many factors that could affect your appetite, but since your cutting, consider it a blessing.

    t3 and 250mg of test would make me want to eat large animals.

  12. LOls!

    Any hypotheses though?

    WHen I take a 25mcg dose in the morning b4 breakfast, I wait an hour b4 eating to let it absorb. However, I still have no appetite until the afternoon.

    Prior to cytomel, I would be ravaging for food right in the morning, then again 2 hrs later.

    COuld it be possible that the cytomel is causing sleep disturbance, so making me lose apptite and giving me a general sense of unwellness?

    I wake up ealry in the morning only to go back to sleep for an hr b4 I can truly wake up again.


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