Training on a sprained wrist

  1. Training on a sprained wrist

    I sprained my wrist a little over two weeks ago and its been killing me not being able to work my upper body. I have full range of motion back without pain, but I still can't do any pulling exercises. So that means no back or arms. I did a light chest workout today and it felt fine. Can I start doing more upper body as long as it doesn't cause any pain or should I wait a little longer?

  2. Give it some time off dude. Take this time to relax, eat anything you want, get off the routine. It's good to take these breaks sometimes from bodybuilding. When you do this, once you start back up, for reasons I can't comprehend the gains kick in so fast and hard for the first few weeks of starting back up. I usually take 2-4 weeks off from diet and training every couple months. Now you have an excuse to...

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