ACL reconstruction... Train legs unilaterally?

  1. ACL reconstruction... Train legs unilaterally?

    Hey everyone,

    well tomorrows the big day and i'm going under the knife for an acl reconstruction on my left leg. My question is, can i just train my right leg? Like single leg squats/deadlifts/ extensions and curls? What are your guys idea to this? I know my body will be off balance, but wont my body readjust itself as soon as i start working my leg leg?

    Thanks guys

  2. I dont think you should train unilaterally especially on a compound, the only time to train unilaterally that I can think of is for rehab purposes or you are bridging a big strength imbalance.

    If you were to do this then go back to bilateral training, your left leg will just keep failing before your right and by the end of it once they are both even if anything would be different your right might be a bit bigger than your left.

  3. Good luck with your surgery.

    I had ACL reconstruction several years ago. Listen to your physical therapist.

  4. thanks so much dude!

    I had it today! just got back... it doesnt really hurt to bad..using the cpm machine.

    I have another question please

    Once i get back into lifting, upper body of course, I was looking at HST Training.. It seems pretty cool. only 3x a week, shorter workouts, but I wont be doing any squats or deadlifts... will that be a problem? as i know they produce a whole lotta gains!
    I will be doing all upper body and no lower body, is this going to affect the gains normally made on HST Training?

    Thanks guys

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