Working out while tired?

  1. Working out while tired?

    Hello all!

    First off, a little about my workout schedule. I just finished my first year of college track (Im 19), and this offseason I need to get WAY stronger. So, im getting a membership to Anytime Fitness. I lifted a ton in high school and it really helped, and this offseason I have a lot of work to do.

    So, here's my situation: I work in construction and am usually exhausted at the end of the day, when id usually go lifting. I could lift in the morning... but that would mean being to the gym by 5:30. And id rather not do that... but if i have to, I will.

    So, anybody have any ideas? I dont want to lift after work and be kinda tired and not be fully 'into it'. I got pre-workout supps, but i dont want to take those at 6:00pm or 7:00pm and then not be able to sleep at 10:00.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I take my muscle marinade before my workout after a 12 hour day and after a good workout I'm pretty ready for bed about 3.5 to 4 hours later

  3. up your cals big time, Honestly id eat anything fast food included. lift hard and heavy and quick in and out stick to big movements.

  4. food will make a big difference...i usually dont suggest pre workout supplements but in your case its a bit different. black cats by app nut work well. its in caps so u dont have to mix anything up and drink it/worry about taste. if u can get your hands on the original NO shotgun, IMO its the best PW that i have ever taken. since they added in protein and more stuff it hasnt been the same.
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  5. Man I know how you feel. I was in the same situation. Diet + Creatine + pre workout supps. Hardest part is getting to the gym. Once you're there it feels normal and you won't feel tired... I've heard Jack3d is good but never tried it.

  6. Suggestions...

    I will chime in here with my opinions on your situation. I agree with some statements made in prior posts:

    • Food will make a big difference
    • Pre workout that late probably isn’t a great idea

    Funny that so many people on this site would love to have your physical potential as you are in the perfect period in your life to make serious gains. Your age, natural levels testosterone and growth hormone are high so even a so so plan will give you incredible results.

    I have trained college level athletes (basketball & track) and found in my experience that they respond better to earlier the workout if they are disciplined.

    I would make an attempt to get to the gym at 5:30 a couple times to see if that works. I used to be a late afternoon/night lifter. After changing to first thing in the morning I will not switch back. Perfect way to start the day and jump start allot of things in the body. Also, where do you want your best to go, to your workout out or to your job? I am guessing your construction work isn’t necessarily performance based so the workout is the obvious choice.

    The benefits of morning workouts:
    • Test is are high at this time….perfect time for growth
    • A morning workout will enable you to have a pre workout drink with stimulant or stand alone stimulant, giving you energy to drive through your workouts and depending on the supplement you choose, help you with your construction job as well!
    • A workout in the morning simply gets it out of the way. Freeing you up to enjoy or relax during the nights as this is what your body wants to do.
    • A workout done in the morning is a guarantee that workouts are always first priority. No matter what happens for the rest of the day, whether it be alien attack or a giant meteor heading towards earth, you know you at least got a great workout in
    • Speaking from experience, a morning workout will in most cases result in a more productive day as it forces structure and will help you maintain a daily routine
    • A perfect time for high quality/high quantity nutrients is peri-workout as I am sure you know. Morning workouts will allow for you to get all the nutrients you need without interfering with the natural rhythms of the body at night. Growth hormone and melatonin are crucial for growth and recovery and can be seriously compromised my late night heavy feedings…especially spikes in insulin.
    • Most gyms only have serious members in the mornings. This, depending on your particular gym, can:

    1. Leave out unnecessary distractions – women, crowds, attention seekers…anyone who is there for the wrong reason. Few people wake up at 5 to waste time!
    2. Give you more freedom in your workouts to move around, try new things and give your workout instead of reacting to others in the gym having to waste time each workout waiting
    3. Provide the environment for two a days or a chance to really specialize or isolate certain muscle groups, movements or drills

    Benefits of lifting at night:
    You have eaten all day which means you may have more stored glycogen to help power through your workout…that’s if you aren’t too exhausted to workout
    You can possibly replace your pre workout supps with food based on how your schedule work
    That’s all I got…others can chime in.
    You can see I am biased to morning workouts.
    My tips:
    • You can probably get away with eating junk food because of your age and but I can never support consuming junk foods. Your body is a sports car and you don’t want to put cheap gas in the tank because it won’t run well.
    • Anyone who tells you anything is merely suggesting as there is no absolute answer. It’s really about finding out what works best for you.
    • As I see construction works burns a whopping 350-400 calories per hour, meaning nutrition and supplementation are crucial. Focus on high quality and in your case high frequency in regards to food to promote a positive nitrogen balance, preventing over training, keep cortisol under wraps and keep you body constantly building instead of trying to keep up
    • Stay away from the following forms of carbs as they can’t restore your glycogen and in most cases aren’t needed (peri workout). Focus on the staples the naturally brown foods and health carbs. I always prefer real foods but not sure of your exact schedule. Around the workout stay away from:

    1. o Fructose – fruit sugar – low glycemic – not used to restore glycogen like other carb sources
    2. o Sucrose – half glucose/fructose – half of this sugar can’t really help you. Leave it on the table and in the little packets at Denny’s
    3. o High Fructose Corn Syrup/Corn Srup – junk period
    4. o Lactose – half galactose/glucose – only half of which can help you out when working out. Not to mention most pasteurized milk is junk anyway and can cause inflammation (I apologize if that was too technical)

    •  Focus on getting a good night’s sleep every night. This is so critical to muscle growth, repair, growth hormone, cortisol and a slew of other things. No matter when you decide to workout make proper sleep a priority and never sacrifice it for any reason
    •  Highly recommend a nutrient partioner such as pslin or anabolic pump. This will allow for a high amount of nutrients, that you need based on your daily activity, to be stored and used properly. This will power you through your workouts, aid in recovery which is crucial for you being a performance athlete.

    I hope this helps and if you do choose to work out at night there are plenty of non-stim supplements that can aid in night workouts without keeping you up. Premax is a good choice by Primordial Performance if you have deeper pockets. Muscle Marinade is good as well that is effective without heavy stimulants. In your situation I don’t see the need for stimulants, stick with proper nutrition, workouts and plenty of rest.

    I am not certain of what kind of caffeine tolerance you have so that is something to consider as well. If you can handle large amounts of caffeine then a pre workout late night might fly.

    Something like Anabolic Pump is a nice non stimulant supp you can use to help you at nights. Using carbs as the fuel this will help you power through at night as well. PSlin could be used earlier in the day an hour or two before an evening workout. This would be a high carb meal 60-100grams (usually on the higher end), which would give you plenty of energy without a stimulant or pricey pre workout supp.

    Finally, whenever you embark on a change or a workout with a serious goal it’s always a great idea to make sure you have cortisol under check. Some supplements that you may or may not be taken that I highly recommend:
    1. Vitamins AC&E of course
    2. High quality omega 4’s…
    3. Ashwagandha
    4. Relora…many others as well

    I gave you allot of info there but hope it helps and good luck in your training and upcoming season.

    “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think is what we become."

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