Need new workout routine

  1. Need new workout routine

    So it 5 months i been on the Weside for skinny bastards routine.
    Monday: Upper Body Max Effort
    A. Bench Press Variant 3-5RM
    B. Horizontal Row 4 X 5-10
    C. Supplemental press 3-4 X 6-10
    D. Upper back variant 2-3 X 12-15
    E. Weighted Abdominal work 3-4 X 8-15
    Tuesday: HIIT
    Wednesday: Lower Body Max Effort
    A. Deadlift Variant 3-5RM
    B. Squat Variant 3 X 8
    C. Weighted Hypers 3 X 8
    D. Ghetto GHRs 2 X 8
    Thursday: Upper Body Repetition Effort
    A. Repetition Effort Bench Variant
    B. Vertical Pull Variant 4 X 8-12
    C. Medial Delt or Trap Variant 3 X 10-15
    D. Triceps Supplemental Variant 3-4 X 5-10
    E. Curl Variant 3 X 8-10
    F. Abdominal circuit training
    Sunday: HIIT
    Monday: Lower Body Max Effort
    A. Squat Variant 3-5RM
    B. Pull Variant 3 X 8
    C. Weighted Hypers 3 X 8
    D. Ghetto GHRs 2 X 8
    I have progessed alot and achieved my goal of benching 225-2RM of my senoir year
    Im looking for a new template for strengh training/ bodybuilding (full body)which one would yall recommend?

  2. well here is the one I am using now..

    What do you think of my training system

    if you have any q's on it post them there
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

  3. look on my threads on my pro. i put what i do up. its for strength and mass
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

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