Critique my leg workout, please.

  1. Critique my leg workout, please.

    Hello all, I know that I dont post much but I am very active in following this forum, lurking yet learning a lot from all of you guys. In fact I would say this forum is what really gave me the motivation and perspective to workout.

    I have been consistently lifting for about a year and a half, around November of last year I began getting serious about my leg workouts and I need a critique on my current routine. I am 23, stand 5'7 and weigh about 160-165, I am not very particular about watching my weight too much. I eat about 170g of protein daily however I am not too careful with carbs or fats which is why my weight fluctuates.

    Anyways this is my routine:

    1x per week.

    Beginning with

    5 sets 6 reps per set squatting 315lbs until I am parallel . with a 1-2 minute break between sets

    Followed by

    3 sets or 8 reps deadlifts @275 lbs . with a 1-2 minute rest


    5 sets 20 reps barbell calf raises @ 315 lbs

    After this workout I am out of breath, very tired, sometimes I get headaches or lightheaded and have what can be described as a very intense fatigue in my legs, they feel like jello, very weak. I have have Doms for about 2-3 days after leg day. let me know what you guys think. I am wondering what you guys think of this, I suppose I am a bit unsure of this routine since picking it up I noticed tremendous strength increases however my legs dont appear to be well developed, in fact guys in the gym just stare when they see this small skinny legged guy doing heavy squats and deadlifts.

  2. squats seem good but you could try going almost all the way touching the ground and you will probly have to lower the weight. i would do deadlifts on back days though and every couple workouts switch it up and do hack squats or whatever you like. and for the soreness, leg day is always a mother****** and the second day after is always the worst.

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