bench went down after heavy squat

  1. bench went down after heavy squat

    Ok guys I have crazy leg strength leg press well over a grand, do lotsa warm sets to get there as well.. I am 5'8" tall weighing in at 195-200 I was up to 320 bench started dead lifting got that up to 455 got the squat up to 455 since everything else was on the rise the bench went down down down. I tried to feel a 600 pound squat walked it out and dropped down to like a quarter of a full squat for two walked it back and was done with the attempt.

    did some drop sets, now can't bench over 275 actually needed a spot. Help whats wrong with me. Did i lose my mind muscle connection or did I just rob my body of all glycogen in the muscle stores ????Any help will be great thanks.. oh yeah and I am 37 years old....

  2. I would say you pooped yourself out and since your gaining on your deads and squat those muscles are growing and kinda leaving your chest behind. Focus more on bench for awhile and kinda "cruise" with squats and deads and see what happens. Actually, I'd take a couple days off and get some good rest then start fresh. That may make a big diff.

    BTW, I had an 87 LT500R I completely rebuilt then ended up selling it a year or so after it was done. Man I loved that thing. Now I gotta 99 scrambler 400 4x with a pipe and clutch kit, and wanna have it ported soon. But that zilla was a BAMF, to say the least, and wish I still had it.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. I will give it a try...

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