Time Devoted to Abdominals

  1. Time Devoted to Abdominals

    My friend spends about 45 minutes on abs in the gym where i bust my ass for about 10 minutes max and i'm done.

    How much time do you think it takes to get a good ab workout?

  2. 5-10 minutes tops. I've always found abs need less rest between sets. I've also always gone back to gymnast roots with ab training. Only using exercises that directly contract the abs or use them to stabilize.
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  3. I do about 30 minutes but im also training for baseball and have a bad back so I need a very strong core

  4. About 5-10 minutes... usually it's between sets of something else.

    Mondays are a shoulder/leg day for me, and there's an incline ab bench next to where the dumbells are... so between sets of shoulder presses, I'll do crunches.

  5. I hardly work abs independently. Through mostly composite lifts my abs have seen some growth. If only I could lose the pocket on top of them they would be looking pretty good.
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  6. I like beginning my workouts with some abs to get the CNS warmed up. Then I'll do some more at the end of a workout. I'll usually do this 2-3 times per week. Don't use fast and choppy movements. You don't have to be doign hunudreds of reps either. Usually per workout I'll do around 100 reps or so. Consistency is where it pays dividends.

  7. I almost never do abs.......and if I were a little leaner my abs would look great. I think everyone is different....pulldowns and chins etc are enough for me to develop abs and it has always been like that but I have to work like a MOFO on my arms when a buddy of mine used to do sh*t for arm work and his arms looked great!

  8. I do lots of deadlifts which seem to beat the **** out of my abdominals.

    After I ran a cycle with no direct ab work, you could see obvious growth in my ab, oblique and intercostals.

  9. I rarely do direct ab work and have a 6 pack (as long as I don't slack on the diet). Most of my ab development comes from compound movements and some lucky genetics.

  10. First, the terms "abs" annoys to **** out of me because there are 3 main parts: rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques. However, the erector spinae should also be included, which is why I use the term core instead of abs.

    Now that I've said that, I do core 2-3 times/week. I make sure to do some weighted crunches, planks, halos, trunk rotations, hyperextensions, and hanging leg raises. I do 6 sets each time I train core (2 exercises, 3 sets each) and I add in a 3rd day if I'm up to it. I also do a lot of sledgehammer swinging for conditioning.
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