Squats ( Tight Hamstring )

  1. Squats ( Tight Hamstring )

    have an issue when I am doing squats. Anytime I add any sort of considerable weight my hamstrings get super tight and feel like they are cramping up. Is this due to poor flexibility or is it another issue that i need to deal with?

  2. I would guess its either hamstring weakness or inflexibility.

  3. man it took me the longest time to learn how to squat. First you really need to learn how to keep a tight arch in ur back when squatting. learning how to do that will make it feel like an actual life rather then something dumped on your back.

    second learn how to position the barbell on ur back/ lower traps by pulling ur shoulder blades in and pretending to break the bar over ur back.

    Make sure u break at the hips, drive ur ass back and reverse the motion back up..

    Squatting wide at the beggining might help you get lower but remember to stretch quads,hams,lats,lower back, and shoulders before you squat. HIp abbductors and adductors need strengthened and loosened so that your flexable enough.

    Also you might need to do good mornings strictly till u get flexable enough and develop enough hamstring strength to squat full ROM.

    This wont be fun but u gotta work out these weaknesses so you can squat.

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