help me switch up my routine

  1. help me switch up my routine

    I been doing the following routine now for 6 or so months and I cant seem to make any more progress. I been stuck around 165lbs now for months does this routine seem ok? I know alot of you are gonna say I just need to eat more, but if I eat more then i am now i will just get fat. im already getting pudgy in the mid section.

    monday chest and tri's
    bench 135x8 145x8 175x7
    DB incline 60x8 65x8 65x8
    pec dec 150x10 180x8 180x8
    tricep rope 75x13 85x9 85x9
    tricep v-bar 85x9 100x9 100x9

    wednesday back and bi's
    pulldown 120x8x8x8
    horizontal row 140x8 170x8x8
    deadlift 135x8 225x5 315x5
    BB curl 70x8 80x8x8
    db curl 30x8 35x8x8

    friday legs and shoulders
    squat 135x8 225x5x5
    leg extension 90x10 110x10 125x9
    military press 80x9x8x8
    arnold press 40x10x10x10
    seated calf 45x15x15x15

  2. Hi there.... If you're doing those same weights every time you train, you are not overloading the muscle enough to stimulate hypertrophy (growth). If you are still doing the same amount of reps on each of those weights as you were 6 months ago, in other words, you're not any stronger... then I would say that you're over trained/not fully recuperating. You are working the same muscle groups on the same days of each week... let me ask you this... How do you know the muscle is ready to be worked again?

    Here's what needs to happen. The total volume of weight moved in a given period of time needs to be greater than the previous total volume moved in order for hypertrophy to occur. Look at your chest workout... You moved a total volume of 9,365lbs for your chest alone. That means that after full recuperation and overcompensation of the chest muscles, you will have to move MORE total volume in the same amount of time to overload the muscles enough for them to grow further. Another example, If you're curling 50lbs for six reps with a straight bar, then at some point you're going to have to curls 60, 70, 80lbs, etc. for those same six reps if you want those muscles to grow. Keep in mind though that it has to be done in the same amount of time. If you moved 10,000lbs in 45 minutes in one workout, and move 10,500 the next workout but do it in 70 minutes, you are not going to grow. You can achieve this by adding more weight, doing the same weight in a FASTER period of time, or doing the same weight for more reps - not to exceed whatever rep range you want to work in. Without getting these basics in order, it won't matter how much you eat... Hope that helps



  3. 2 front delt excercises and no love for the side or rear delts, that would be a contributing factor.

  4. well i have been pushing more weights then when i started 6 months ago obviously. the previous post was a copy from my last weeks workout. I keep a journal of every workout. I also try to add weight or an extra rep each week, sometimes it just don't happen though(maybee I need to push myself harder). someone gimmie an example of a shoulder workout plz.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by booya123 View Post
    I also try to add weight or an extra rep each week, sometimes it just don't happen though.
    That doesn't surprise me at all. Pushing yourself harder is what most people do which is why there are as many muscle-less people in the gym as there are out. Recovery is the other half of the equation.

  6. reps between 8 - 12 are about right for bodybuilding. also, the lower the rep the more weight u add
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