Neck Presses vs. Incline Presses

  1. Neck Presses vs. Incline Presses

    Neck Presses aka Guillotine Bench Press. This is like flat barbell benching but instead of lowering the bar down to the middle of the pecs - you lower it below your neck (to the upper pecs). This has been known as a great way to build an upper chest. I've given it a try and I'd much rather do Neck Presses instead of incorporating incline benching movements. I've had trouble with my AC joints from highschool football and this doesn't seem to put ANY stress on my delts and I can really feel my whole chest get into it. Whereas the incline bench at my gym is fixed so damn high you're basically just doing military presses.

    What're your thoughts on the neck press? Does it beat incline presses for you?

  2. I think they are way too hard on the shoulders, especially in the long-term. I would never recommend them to anyone. Any type of incline BP done correctly would be my choice.
    I'm sure others will disagree.

  3. I can feel it more in my upper chest after neck presses than I do with inclines. A lot more. I still do incline DB presses a lot but not necessarily to emphasize my upper chest. I don't do a lot of flat benching movements (for me a slight incline is always better).

    I don't use a lot of weight with neck presses though! Do these at your own risk!

  4. Is it strange that I can put more weight up with my neck presses than my actual flat benching? Hopefully in the long run my shoulders won't be messed up from neck presses but from my little experience with it so far, it just feels so much better than flat benching. Thanks for the input guys, I'm on the same boat as you too Type O Hero. Sweet.

  5. damn i was gonna say u can easily incline bench and then do neck presses with a light weight...

    and not tryna be a **** but if you neck press more then you flat bench then your flat bench form must be awful

  6. If you can neck press more than you can do a regular BP it probably means a couple of things:
    1) There's something really off about your normal bench set-up and technique
    2) Your shoulder and triceps are much, much weaker proportionally than your pecs.


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