bicep-STanding Barbell curls
    2 warm ups 45 and 55 pounds.
    work set-95 8-fail rep. 12 breaths
    95-2 static rep
    forearms-Barbell curls on set 75 for 12 took 12 breaths
    75-3rp than 75 for 2 static rep
    calves- seated raises- one straight set, forced negative and staic rep.

    Hams- cable kick backs 20 reps each leg 30 pounds weak i know

    Squats- warm up 145 for 10. warm up 225 for 6
    workset 250 for 8 12 breath
    250 for 3 12 breaths
    250 for 2 staick rep.


    Question are the squats correct. I felt I could have done more weight but Im coming off of gvt so I was just unsure where to start. I felt I could have done it with 265 at least. Next time do I do 250 for 10 than 4 and 3. OR do I raise the weight and stick with the 8-3-2 rest pause?

  2. No the squats aren't done with rest pause. Do 1 or 2 sets of 4-6. Then drop some weight to what you could get 10-12 with. But don't re-rack. Just grind away till you get to 20. That's it.

    Hams are done rest pause also.

  3. thanks will correct it

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