thinking about g.v.t.

  1. thinking about g.v.t.

    like the titlesays im thinking about trying gvt. I have never done it and i want to really put on some weight and stregth. Is there any reason you guys would try to talk me out of this style training ? I would do it with two exercise superset

    like chest would be 5x5 bech supersets with dumbel flys 5x5

  2. Personally, not a fan of GVT; I think that it is rather inefficient. You spend a lot more time in the gym to get the same training stimulus that you could get with a higher intensity program like DC or MaxOT.

    Plus, increased volume places you at higher risk for injury, especially with heavier weights.

  3. hmmm, i guess what im thinking about is actually optimized volume training

  4. GVT is not really high volume it is 10 work sets per body part once a week. Takes about 75 minutes for two body parts per workout. It also will take you straight to DOMsville on an express shuttle. Naturally releases an azz load of GH as well, and is very easy on the joints and tendons. Very good program. Great when you want to change things up. Got awesome gains on it. The others he mentioned are great too.

  5. I don't think G.V.T. is for strength...



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