anyone try those new Reebok Zigtech shoes?

  1. anyone try those new Reebok Zigtech shoes?

    my ankles and shins kill during cardio, and i've been reading about these shoes.. supposedly the technology takes stress off of your legs during running etc (jump-roping used as an example, where shin/ankle pain was reduced or non-existant)

    anyone have these? how do they feel? lemme know... don't wanna drop a hundo on shoes unless i hear good non-biased reviews


  2. I'm not a fan of any of these new and improved/raised shoes and I adamantly oppose it. I feel that they do more damage than good in the long run. Look at man ( and women ) after millions of years of running .... until the beyond ridiculous and unnecessary development of the latest greatest in shoe technology that has been in the rise in the last 25 years, shoes where simple and served the simple purpose of getting to point a to point to b and I'm under the presumption that athete's weren't any better now with the latest and greatest shoe than before ( But the Nike Jordans still kicked everyone's ass !!! ). I'm no expert by any means, have you seen a podiatrist for your shin problems ??? it could be as simple as getting you a decent pair of orthotics and a nice pair of shoes that is simple and effective and doesn't have a heel and is raised like a womens pump.

    enjoy the read as well****

  3. thanks man- you know i was looking at those forefoot/midfoot strike "chi" running techniques too... those NB shoes were on my list...


  4. nike shox are bad for running, esp the ones with just the shox in the back, as a dr put it, it's almost like running in high heels because the backs are raised and not the fronts, however the zigs look promising because the whole shoe is raised which means it's a level surface....i am however not a fan of new balance shoes, if your looking for strictly running shoes and don't want to be the test dummy for the new zigs, just go with asics, proven and personal favorite and most comfortable shoes ever hands down were reebok iverson's, the first ones that had the patent leather on the front toe
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  5. thanks Gotti- yeah i've actually went through 4 models of then Asics Nimbus, and enjoyed every one. the cushioning is great. since i'm a nuetral runner they're perfect... i'm currently running in NB 1063s and they're cushy and feel low profile too..

  6. I use my Gangsta azz Nike cortez! I love them for running

    And cheap too

  7. that is gangsta MHA... but where i live you get hit up rockin' those LOL... especially me being Mexicano... i don't wanna be responsible for my actions if a punk-a$$ cholo tries to step up and i have to put hands on him.

  8. Another bump for asics, best running and training shoe IMO.

  9. Trail = Asics Enduro 5
    Road = Mizuno Wave Nirvana 6
    Marathon (Full) = Asics GEL-Kinsei 3
    The last one may not be available to the public yet; however, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is a great shoe worth whatever price may be. I've tested out the (A)lpha and (B)eta for the Running Research Center and I love them for long distance running.

  10. I tried those zigs on at foot locker and thought they felt really good. I just didnt like the color. They have a green pair out now that im going to buy when my loan check comes hahaha. And nike shox are great for lifting! I wear mine on leg day because they work especially well for squats IMO.

  11. as far as the shocks go for legs day, i cant go that route because i like my feet closer to the ground for a more natural feel... usually rock the Chucks or i have some nike zoom trainers (the old lowtop Tomlinson ones with the forefoot strap.. a great low-to-the-ground shoe)

  12. i'm a bigger dude (253) and i've found brooks beast to be the best support for me. i ran in nb's and got mad shin splints, but the beasts i feel good..little spendy around $125

  13. People have been making shoes for maybe a few hundred years, nature has been making feet for millions of years. I don't really think a shoe can modify much unless you have some sort of disorder such as uneven legs.
    Arnold used to do Squats barefoot.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bigsexy74 View Post
    i'm a bigger dude (253) and i've found brooks beast to be the best support for me. i ran in nb's and got mad shin splints, but the beasts i feel good..little spendy around $125
    I know a big dude at my gym about your size that also rocks the Brooks shoes. Exact same reason. He trains in Under Armor trainers and switches for cardio.

    I got some under armor cross trainers last year and really like how hey felt. They just aren't made for running. To me they felt like running almost barefoot, especially after about 6 months. They seem to flatten out quite a bit. But I really like how snug they feel and light they are. I had to switch to some Air Maxes for running. Huge improvement.


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