Lock or not to Lock triceps

  1. Lock or not to Lock triceps

    I have encountered a lot of people whether to choose locking or not to lock your elbows when doing tricep exercises. So which is better?

  2. I always do. why wouldn't u to me that's when u feel it the most is when u get it that far. Maybe there just using to much weight and cant lol

  3. If you lock it you have a tiny amount of rest between each rep. Not locking keeps constant strain on the muscle.

    Both situations have its benefits.

  4. I always lock to force out the squeeze and builed up the connective tissue

  5. I used to lock out before I injured my elbows. Stopping just short of lock out for me has led to more steady grwoth and less strain on my elbows. Why not try both and see which works better for you?

  6. Thanks a lot for the inputs.


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