Versagripps, GO!

  1. Versagripps, GO!

    You were probably expecting a review, but I don't have them

    Did a search and found one thread in Jan, one a couple years ago =x

    Versa Gripps | The Official Site | Home

    Does anyone use these/have used these? The MAJ in my office is a body builder in Vegas, forgot the name of the guy he trains with but he's one of the big ones. I'll remember tomorrow / ask him. Anyways he says buy these when I asked how to get my dead grip better. What say you great anabolic minds?

  2. Bought mine three months ago and will never use anything else. Perfect for back days, deads, etc. They rock. I have a pair of the pros.

  3. I have a pair of the Pros as well... After using these, I cant go back to regular straps; They're that good!!

    I like them not only for the wrist support and great grip, but also the fact that they keep me from ripping my calluses off my hands every time I do heavy deads, shrugs or cleans because the grip portion covers the whole inside of the hand. .

  4. Have ProSeries. Been using them for a year and I would definetly recommend them!! Plus they last quite a while.

  5. Ordered. :P

  6. Quote Originally Posted by votum View Post
    Ordered. :P
    Good call. You won't be disappointed!

  7. **** yeah! I was looking for something exactly like this.


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