need some training input for MASSS

  1. need some training input for MASSS

    ok so i got a workout routine i like very much.
    its on off on off etc.
    monday - press ( chest shoulders)
    wed - pull ( almost full back , little indirect biceps from rows/ pull ups)
    friday - legs ( squats and calfs)
    sunday - press

    Is this too little too much time to rest muscles? i mean 6 days between chest workouts seems like alot. . all im really striving for is puttin on some muscle mass. espeacially in the chest/shoulders.

    Any input would be very appreciated .

  2. If you want mass.. don't waste too much time working on small muscle groups like biceps and triceps and forarms!!! 1-2 exercises is all you need for these muscle groups.

    That being said, stick to push, pull, legs, like you have it. If you want try creatine.. I've gained 30 pounds in 2 months using kre-alkalyn (mind you it flushes out once you stop the supplement) Drink a glass of milk with every meal especially breakfast and before bed. Get a weight gainer instead of whey. Work out heavy!!! Stick to compound exercises.

    ***A bigger muscle, is a stronger muscle*** Go to they gym to get stronger, not to change your physique. Change that mind set and see it as a challenge to increase your weights. Go to the gym to get strong--and you will definitely get big.

  3. which brand of kre-alkalyn do you prefer ? and yeah i never do curls or and iso's for bi and tri's . thank you thoughvery much

  4. I tried sci-fit's kre alkalyn.. You have to drink lots of water with it tho. Like I said tho, if you drink lots of milk, milk is 87% water but has lots of usable fats and proteins we can use. So drinking milk is good enough as water intake. Milk is really water on steroids lol.

    And when you say 6 days seems long.. if it takes 6 days for your chest to heal.. that's completely fine it usually takes me that long without any supps.

  5. listen bro if u want to put on mass live by the dumbbell rack.u need the compound movements in order to incorporate as many muscle fibers as possible. The best mass builder for chest would have to be press excercises, u use the flyes for the expansion and as far as shoulders, superset like crazy so u engorge the delts with blood, start with a compound like barbell press and superset with some side raises



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