Messed up delt??? hElp please

  1. Messed up delt??? hElp please

    Recently I've been having a sharp pain where my delt/ bicep meets my chest muscle. This seems to happen while doing low rows or dumbell rows on back days, I've also noticed a drop in strength in Bench exercises. It's a very sharp pain and I am unable to train back very good and it only happens during back days. I can do pulldowns pain free. Anyone have a similar problem and what would help this? I do not take joint support because I've never had a problem until now

  2. I'm sure someone else can help more but try taking a couple weeks off from the iron and do light stuff and cardio till it is better and check with the Doc.
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  3. I had my shoulder scoped 5 years ago and my right side is still weaker than my left. I just back into the gym, after a 5 year layoff, and started light rotator cuff exercises to strengthen the joint so hopefully everything will even out

  4. Could be rotator cuff, could be pec minor, could be bicep tendon. Go to a doctor, get it checked.

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