trapezius problem

  1. trapezius problem

    okay so i was in the gym today and was doing my workout routine when i looked in the mirror and noticed that the right side of my trapz is smaller then my left what could i do to correct this and what are some workout that directly target the trapz

  2. Try some unilateral trap work.

  3. what would be some examples of that

  4. Dumbbell shrugs seated/standing, using one arm at a time. There are some "trap" or "shrug" machines that has unilateral arms.

  5. alot of the time it just takes time for one side of ur body to get even with the other, i think it may have something to do with the fact that one side of your body is stronger than the other but im not sure

  6. could it be that one side grows faster then the other because there is a big difference and there is no noticeable diff in strength from one side to the other

  7. if you have the standing calve raise machine at your gym just get under it like you're doing calve raises and do shrugs. you can focus on the flex alot more because you aren't balancing weights

  8. thanks will i might try that but now it seems like my whole right side is smaller then the left

  9. If you do your excercise with proper form everything should even out over time

  10. okay so the best thing to do is just wait


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