work out

  1. work out

    I am stuck on what do fridays. My work out now which is working nice is

    Monday-chest and Tris

    Tue- back and bi's

    Wedn- legs and shoulders

    Thur- core and cardio

    Fri- ?

    Any idea guys thanks

  2. If you must do shoulders with legs then i would do and arms day on friday. Unless you want to seperate shoulders from legs then you could do shoulders and traps. my split is back and calves(also a little bit of bi's)

    Chest and some Tri's


    Arms and core

    Shoulders and traps

    I usually try to not go more than four days without a rest day. I also do cardio 3 to 4 times a week when im cutting.

  3. dont ever do legs and shoulders in the same workout, to be honest i dont know how u would have enough time to do both, it takes me and hour and a half to just hit legs and thats when im hitting quads and alternating between calves and hams, and shoulders i would move with ur cardio and core, to be honest ur ab routine shouldnt b that long because the bulk of getting abs is lowering bodyfat, and if ur squating and deadlifting ur core should be pretty solid

  4. Hey guys thanks for the advice and if you dont mine Thedawg what kind of leg routine do you do.

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