Is Rear Delt Row a good substitute for rear delt raises?

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  1. One thing I noticed is rear delt rows seem too easy. when I started I thought I'd try a db rear delt row with 20 lbs, I wound up using 30 lbs the first time ever doing them.

  2. I was wondering, while the other external rotators (infraspinatus, teres minor) assist the posterior deltoid in transverse extension (rear delt rowing), wouldn't the long head of the tricep help the posterior deltoid with hyperextension since it also attaches up on the scapula?

    I wonder how elbow bend plays into this. Like, if we kept the elbow straight (kind of like the top of a triceps kickback) would this make the head be overactively insufficient? Whereas the muscle would be longer if the elbow bends and more able to help the posterior deltoid hyperextend.

    Edit: I think it's fine as long as you can handle how it will tax other muscles. A bent elbow means we can pull more weight, so that's more for the lower back to support if standing, and more compression on the chest (and difficulty breathing) if laying the chest on a bench.
    That and the biceps might get tired if we started pulling in close, probably self-correcting with dumbbells since they won't flex as much.


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