Push/Pull/Legs split 2x week during PH

  1. Push/Pull/Legs split 2x week during PH

    Wondering if anyone thought that doing a Push/Pull/Legs split twice a week during prohormones would be too much. As long as the proper amount of food and sleep are obtained, I was thinking that this split would yield some good gains

    M - Chest/Push Delts/Tris
    T - Back/Pull Delts/Bis
    W - Legs (Strength/Power focused)
    R - Chest/Push Delts/Tris (different exercises than mon)
    F - Back/Pull Delts/Bis (diff exercises than tues)
    S - Legs (Hypertrophy focused)
    U - Rest Day

    This way I can get the maximum amount of work in each week while on prohormones and take advantage of improved recovery. PH cycle in question is an Mdrol/Epi bridge.

  2. i do a very similar plan now and im all natty but young so recover fast but when on a ph u recover very fast and are smart for taking advantage of that because i feel alot of ppl who dont understand phs keep training normal on cycle assuming the compound is whats gonna make them bigger but really its the increase in protein synthesis meaning faster recovery so take advantage of it and train hard and train more often

    this set up with that cycle will give u great results in my opinion epi+mdrol is like a perfect cycle because of the anabolic to androgenic ratio of mdrol and the anti estrogen properties of epi

    good luck be smart be smart train hard a plan a good pct with real serm to keep all the mass u will gain from this cycle u should post up before and after specs when done id love to see results from someone who seems to know what they r doing lol

    hope i awnsered all questions everything looks good to me and once again good luck

  3. id suggest u look back at logs if u have them and see which regiment resulted in the most gains in areas u want and then use that during ur ph run. Give ur body what it responds best too and just up the intensity weight duration whatever ur goals are.

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