mass building workout

  1. mass building workout

    Push- Chest and Shoulders
    -Flat bench
    -incline bench
    -military press
    Pull- Back
    -Bent over row
    -and some pull up, either wide/standard
    Legs- (what do you think)
    -calf raises
    These are all 6-8 reps 3 sets besides pull ups (till failure 3 times)
    Is there anything anyone thinks i should add to this workout?? preferably no isometric stuff

  2. Doesn't look too bad, and a push/pull/legs happens to be one of my favorite kinds of splits.

    I think you just need to add in some assistance work for the arms, abs, and hamstrings, and you'd be good to go.

  3. i disagree, you should take shoulders out of your chest workout because you work shoulders during chest and should seperate chest and shoulder day by AT A MINIMUM of 24 hour. IMO 48hr you could do arms with shoulders but that would also be a very tasking workout and one of two things will happen. youll either get a good workout with triceps or shoulders. Unless you do no presses with shoulders and you should if you want mass. But if you can i would do a 4 or 5 day split Chest and hams,back and calves,arms,shoulders,legs,off ...

  4. I've always had good results with:

    Day 1 Push- Triceps, Chest
    Day 2 Pull- Back, Biceps
    Day 3- Legs, Shoulders
    DAy 4- Rest and/or Cardio

    A college football trainer recommended it to me a few years ago and it's done great things. I'll do abs and core on day 1 and 3. Light shoulders on day 1 after my w/o because big shoulders look BOMB.

    Good luck.
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  5. Shoulders/chest isnt a bad split. I love doing delts with chest day since my anterior deltoid is always so sore from Barbell bench press from doing heavy presses. I dont get enough recovery if I dont do the two together so if I already have a head start in breaking down the muscle fiber in the shoulders with bench press why not get a great workout in by hitting the shoulders as well? which will continue to give them healing time so you are not hitting them seperatly when they are still broken down from chest day? I see no problem in chest-shoulders.


  6. I have been doing a very similiar workout for 3 months now and put on almost 10lbs. I too like the idea of chest and shoulders together. I switch it up every other time though to hit each muscle with full power, something like:
    Day 1
    BB Flat
    BB Inc
    Close Grip

    Day 2

    Day 3 off

    Day 4
    Shoulder press
    Rear Delt exercise
    DB Flat
    DB Inc
    Close Grip

    Day 5

    Day 6&7 off

  7. I actually think it is ideal to do chest and shoulders together. The anterior delts take a beating from all forms of pressing, as do the posterior delts from pulling exercises, so if you isolate the shoulders on a separate day, you basically end up working them up to 3x a week. Is it any wonder why shoulder injuries are the norm?

  8. Work those hamstrings man. Get some good old stiff legged deadlifts in there.


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