HIIT vs Strength Training vs circuit

  1. HIIT vs Strength Training vs circuit

    Im about to do a cutting cycle and Im trying to decide on what to do for workout. I will have the workouts as follow and see which will best suit what I'm trying to do.:

    Monday(upper body)
    Bench (max effort)
    flat db press 2x max rep

    A. seated overhand grip cable rows
    B. Cable tricept pull downs

    A. DB Shrugs 3 x 15
    B. DB Lateral Raises 3 x 15

    Barbell Complex
    (deadlifts, bent rows, hang cleans, push and press, and box squats

    Mornings every other day or everyday depending on how i feel I will hit the bag, speed bag and do jump rope

    High intensity cardio

    Lower body workout Same structure as above but with legs and burn out with jump rope.

    Medium amount of cardio

    Upper body again
    Chin ups
    Front Lats pull downs super set with standing db military press
    Rolling tricepts superset with hammer curls
    Core circuit ( toe touches, bicycle, and side planks
    100 push up as fast as possible

    I was also checking if i could incorporate HIIT into this routine without over training. If so i will just stick with cardio.


    Splitting HIIT into 5 days
    Monday, Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, Satruday

    But im trying to find a workout Log that has this so i can atleast outline a workout.


    Weight Circuit

    3 day split and other days stricly cardio and or HIIT

    Monday Wed and Friday
    bench press

    bend over rows
    romanian deadlifts

    standing military press
    Db lateral raise
    rear dealt flyes

    tricept pulldowns

    hammer curls
    reverse curl

    Super set the whole list with a break till the last one.. rest for 2 min and repeat 3 or 4 sets.. On off days either do HIIT or cardio.

    Imn trying to outline my workout now for the cutting phase.. I just finished tweaking out my diet. Supplements have been shipped.. I am on my last phase to start my Log.. I want it all right before i step into a **** storm!

    Thanks ahead of time. =)

  2. I use to have an approach like that. My cut program is pretty easy to follow but not easy to do:

    3 days of supersets with 7 mins hiit cardio in between weight session for a total of 3 hiit of 21 mins. Sample:

    Monday: Chest superset with back, do one excercise of 3 super-sets and then go straight to cardio machine for hiit (sprint/jog) for 7 mins. Get off and then go to next super-set excercise...etc..until you are done with all three excercises and all three hiits. I gradually add time to hiit and add sets to workout as I get leaner. Make sure to not do this on some sort of keto diet or you will be out by the time you hit your second hiit session. I do a carb-cycle and make sure to have plenty of carbs prior to my biggest lifts (hams/quads). On the 4th day is recovery day of just 45-60 mins of walking of jogging and sauna with plenty of stretching and relaxing, on the 5th day its back to balls-to-the wall hiit and weights..try it out and see if it works for you. I personally love it and get ripped everytime I do it.

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