Would one arm lateral raises be easier on my neck?

  1. Would one arm lateral raises be easier on my neck?

    I've been having a sore neck for awhile, because I've been sneezing alot and just when it felt like it was healing I caught a cold and now my neck is sore again. The only exercise, that has given me trouble with my neck is lateral raises. This might just be because I'm not looking straight. Last time I looked slightly down and my neck seemed alittle better. I was just wondering if it would be less strain on my neck if I did the lateral raises one arm at a time, or if a should replace the lateral raises with another exercise. I'm already doing upright rows. I don't don't want to take time of from working out. I've been seeing strength gains every week.

  2. Try lying side lateral raises.

  3. Drop the amount of weight used, and focus on your form more. See if that offers relief.

    Could be lymphatic inflammation, if its really sore while your sick.

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