been workin out hard for last 3-4 years or so.
im 5 foot about... 9 inches..
191 lbs.
recently did a bulking cycle of pplex/mdrol in november-december.
then did solo epistane run a few weeks ago i just finished.
anyway, looking for something different i can do for my workouts, cause im starting to get bored, its not as fun as it used to be to go to the gym.

current split is usually..
M- chest (tris get worked minimally) bench, inc bench, decl bench, military, weighted pushup, press, flys
W- Tri/Bi (pulldowns, crushers, dips/ standing curl, 1 arm seated curls, preacher curls, occasionally some hammers.)
Th- off
F- Back/Shoulder ( back needs some good ideas/ so does shoulder.)
S- Leg/Ab (im fine here.)

ive been looking to clean cut since my bulking cycle in december, ended up putting on 12 lbs, not all fat, good strength gains etc.
probably around 12% BF, looking to drop below 10% while maintaining strength. (also, anybody ever tried albuterol or clenbuterol with good results?? )