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  1. Pantera, Robzombie, Metallica, Lamb of God, and Mudvayne

  2. Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Metallica, Godsmack

  3. folk metal anyone?? (Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Windir etc.)
    and I get chopped and screwed old swishahouse/ screw wouldn't get you too pumped rap wise lol. But Paul Walls "the way I am freestyle" is pretty damn good just for chilling to.

  4. I change up the music genre I listen to back and forth between rap and techno (the bass and beats get you pumped). Never got into the hard rock.

    One of my fav's for working out right now is called "Ghosts n stuff" by deadmau5 ft. rob swire ......this song gets me hyped up lol.

    Two other good ones I like ri-now are by kevin rudolph "welcome to the world" and "I made it"

  5. barry manilow, neil diamond, seals and croft...they just push me past those plateaus



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