Smoking with gains.

  1. Smoking with gains.

    I know smoking is bad for you and if you really want to gain you need to stop but I was wondering if anyone on here smokes cigarettes on a daily basis and still sees results in the gym.

  2. i use to drink locokos and eat taco bell after workouts and still gained

  3. I've smoked since my first tour in Iraq in 03. I know it increases cortisol but I've always made progress .
    Same with cardio. I know smokers that run 3 miles in < 18 min. My personal time is 20.
    Yeah - somebody is going to post " but smoking is bad""
    And of course it is
    And maybe you can make b better gains without them
    Eat and train hard and you will still make great gains

  4. Just an anecdote, Markus Ruhl smokes cause he is so hungry all the time.

    I smoke and although it helps greatly on a cut it only sometimes bothers me on a bulk. Just like you can ignore your appetite on a cut, its not hard to overcome nicotines appetite suppression, you need to just listen a little better for that hunger signal, or dont expect to be hungry until you see/smell the food.

    I dont believe it directly interferes with training, my training partner doesnt smoke and he loses his breath a lot more than me, the body just conditions itself to smoking.

    On a positive note nicotine is an aromatase inhibitor.

  5. I quit smoking a few years ago but started chewing instead, and after a good workout I can't wait to throw in a good pinch. I'd really like to quit but damn its hard!!

    On a side note, it does increase your metabolism!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  6. yeah the metabolism increase from smoking was insane. I quit smoking a while ago becuase it was the last step before anabolics for me. Prior to that i had my diet down pat, training and sleep where perfect and hadnt consumed alcohol for over 4 years now. I quit smoking and i BLEW up i mean almost 10lbs in the first week alone, no of course that wasnt all muscle at all in fact the majority of it was not muscle however it did convert pretty quickly once i stabilized i gained roughly 18 lbs from quitting smoking and i can definately tell you that if u choose to quit smoking either up ur cardio or get your diet dialed in quickly.

    From quitting smoking i broke my plateau i was in and i do feel a bit better from day to day life however its been a while since i last smoked and i still wish i could .... Good luck tho.


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