Is DC training really all that it is out to be..?

  1. Is DC training really all that it is out to be..?

    After doing some research i have decided to give dc training a try.. i was wondering a few things though.
    1. is it mainly ment for strength, or size. or (even better both)
    2. do you honestly see results in a few workouts as some people have claimed?
    3. is this similar to the way dorian yates trained. only a little different with the rest pause, and even less volume.

    anyone with any sort of experience or results from dc training PLEASE PLEASE give me your thoughts and feedback on it!

  2. Use the Search feature at the top of your page, then click on advanced search. Then you can search for "DC" or "DC Training" or anything in the title of pre-existing threads. There's probably a ton of threads about DC training already floating around on these forums.


  3. DC will help with both strength and size. I've done it a while back and liked it pretty well. I like only lifting 3 days a week to help with scheduling issues. Your question about seeing results within a few workouts is pretty loaded. What kind of results are you talking about? Will you look dramatically different? Probably not unless you completely clean up your diet and everything else at the same time. Will your lifts go up, possibly since your volume per bodypart is reduced from most typical routines. I like it because every exercise for a given bodypart is done by itself so you can go all out. When you do 3 or 4 exercises in one workout, your particular muscle group being worked is pretty well shot, so with DC, you are fresh each exercise you do.

    Check out if you haven't yet, a ton of information. The beauty of DC is it's a structured method of progression that you need in order to grow. Same with Westside and Wendler's 5/3/1, they are structured programs that you follow and progress on every week.

  4. thanks for the info guys!

  5. im on my 2nd blast now. really liked it first time around. to me it just feels like im getting something done each time i go to the gym. will i use it forever? i doubt it but will go back to it often to break things up

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Trapstar View Post
    thanks for the info guys!
    Dorian's lifting style was closer to Mike Mentzer's HIT (High Intensity Training; but without the emphasis on concentric, static & eccentric reps to "true muscle failure."). It is as you compared the two, DC & HIT are similar, with the variance in the rest-pause in DC and less volume in DC. Dorian also had a heavy emphasis on rest days, much like DC.


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