1. biorexia?

    i didnt know quite where to put this, but do any of you guys feel like you suffer from this? I am the type of guy who is stocky i get compliments all the time, guys ask to train with me and yet i am still never satisfied. If i eat a bad meal or drink a beer i feel terrible about my this normal??

  2. yeah i think everyone does this i know i do we work way to hard and when u eat a bad meal u feel like ur hard work went to waist

  3. I don't ever feel guilty over what i eat but regardless of how big people tell me i have gotten or am getting, i always feel small.

  4. i agree man, not matter how big i am i feel small. I guess its a good thing in some cases, but it can be very frustrating.

  5. i take it you mean bigorexia? I would say the vast majority of people on this site have it to a degree


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