Help...sujestions and motivation

  1. Angry Help...sujestions and motivation

    Hi all,

    I been hitting it hard for about 4 months. I have done well. Only lost a couple pounds but lost inches. I have gained muscle and well on my way of getting in shape. Feeling good and body is looking decent for the first time in a long time. However, these last couple week I get to the gym and have no motivation. I have left early a couple times and just can not get into it. I am not sure if I just need to get the sand out of my vagina and stop being a wuss. Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice? I am doing a program where I do switch exercises often and rotation. I have also went from 6 to 8 reps to 4 to 6 thinking maybe that will get me more pumped up to do heavier weight. Does not seem to work. I have been taking a pre-workout mix which I am guessing is no longer working. Uses to it. I want to continue changing my body for the better and my life. i am afraid I will just stop with, what seems to be boredom? Not sure what it is or if I am just in a funk or am not seeing the gains I once did or what..Sorry for the long story, just looking for some advice from some veterans that may have been there done

    Thanks Guys

  2. If you have been at it for 4 months hard, take a break for a week or so. Lay off the weights and do some easy cardio to recharge. Maybe find some outdoor activities to get some exercise but not go balls out. Don't worry, its normal. When you get that feeling, its your body telling you to take a break, that's all. Don't sweat it, just take it easy and I prefer to stay out of the gym. It's easier than going in and trying to scale it back a couple notches.

  3. Yea have a week off or just go light and ul be dying to get back into it. What i found worked was what i got told on friday by two competing bodybuilders that train in my gym. They were saying that u need to put your mind to it when it starts to get hard think do you want to be one of the few or one of the many. Do you want people to say as you go past 'Hi Tom' (my name) or say wow Toms shoulders/back/legs have got big. Im only 17 and 5ft 7 and currently weighin about 13stone7 at 15% bodyfat and what motivates me is that i want to compete in 2 years when im 19 and i dont want to lose (because im a sore loser :P). Today as i was hammering my legs and struggling on the 4th rep out of 15 i thought what the bodybuilder said 'You could be mega if you put your mind to it'. I got the 15 on that set and on the following one.
    Just think do you want to be one of the few or one of the many.

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