6 pack

  1. 6 pack

    since i have joined this formed i have went from 159 to 169 in 2 months gone
    Increased my PR's by alot and almost at my goal. But my i cant seem to get my 6 pack set of abs.

    I have a little bit more than a pinch of stubborn baby fat and its in the way of showing of my abs. I was hoping to get critique my diet.
    I am indian so the alot of vegetables cooked in olive oil(desi food). usally with Chapati or Basmati rice. 3 days out of the week I dont eat meat the other 4 I do
    Fish, lean Turkey breast, chicken, Pork

    I eat every 2.5 or 3 hours
    Morning 6 30
    Honey Oatmeal cearel with milk and soy Protien shake sometimes a banana
    9:30 2 handfull of almonds
    12:30 Lunch
    Home cooked meal vary between vegetables and meat (desi food)
    fruits: banana if i didnt eat in the morning, apple, pear, oranges which ones i eat varies day to day usally 2 different fruits and low fat yougurt.
    Home cooked meal (desi food)
    Peanut butter jelly sandwich

    I drink about 5 -6 bottles of water a day 16.9 oz ea
    I do eat Mcdonalds usally once per week
    I dont drink soda much once maybe every month or 2
    Would switching to organic food make a difference ?
    My body type should be a Ectomorph which it was when i was young till about 13 then got into sports and lifting now im meso morph.
    If i am able to get my complete set of abs i at the age of 17 will accomplish and wil have something other pay 1000's of dollars to trainers to get. plz help

  2. diet looks alright. but track what you actually eat for a day on fitday dot com, if thats what you normally eat subtact a couple hundred cals and shoot to eat that much. maybe use less olive oil, thats very calorie dense. try to cut out soda and mcdonalds fully if you can. also, adding HIIT a couple times a week will blast that fat right off with a good diet.


  3. thats the nature of the bulk my friend...or atleast for me.

  4. No PB&J at night...or even at all if you wanna be at 10%bf or below. In fact, cut all carbs out after 6-7p.m. and do morning cardio b4 breakfast. Set a goal for protein intake per day and stick to it, get enough carbs for energy in the early part of the day and fill in the rest of your diet with healthy fats. Almonds are perfect. Carbs at night will hinder the 6-pack goal unless you have drugs helping you out (which you shouldn't!)

  5. cutting out the mcdonalds would definitely be a start! Also if your training hard then eating clean at maintenance calories should help if you throw in some HIIT as well. - This would be a slow/sensible fat loss speed though so probably not a quick fix.



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