How much does cardio contribute toward overtraining?

  1. How much does cardio contribute toward overtraining?

    What do you think is the largest component to overtraining?

    Lifting weights too often?
    Too much cardio?
    Too much sport or cross training(boxing, CrossFit circuit, etc.)?

    I'm sure they all contribute, but I get the impression that lifting too often is the major culprit. What do you think? Basically, can I avoid overtraining by limiting the lifting, but doing a good deal of cardio?

  2. Too much of anything is bad, IMO. But I agree, I think lifting too much can cause overtraining. When I still had a personal trainer, lifting every other day was recommended- not every day. He said it's important to give the muscles rest days in between lifts.

  3. Yep definitely need rest days, the muscles need time to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

    Some say after 8-12 weeks of lifting you should take a break from the weights to help rejuvanate your body, I would find that break hard to do haha
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  4. Not taking enough rest days to recover is the main culprit. I do about 12-16 hours of cardio 5-7 days a week and I lift heavy 3-4 days a week. If I feel bagged I take an extra day off then hit the weights the next day. If I do not rest enough the weights go down as does my bodyweight.

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