Is it better to have the bar touch the ground with bent over bb rows or not touch?

  1. Is it better to have the bar touch the ground with bent over bb rows or not touch?

    I've seen people do this exercise both ways. I was wondering if one way is better than the other and which technique is better for mass.

  2. I remember just recently reading an article stating that if you let if touch it activates more mucles. Im going to do a quick search and see if I cant find that article for you.

  3. Guess you didn't find that article. Really no one else has any input on this? I'm looking to grow mass which is the main reason I asked this question.

  4. I find that if you let it hit the ground between reps you can pull bigger weight because you don't have to slow it down at the bottom. Kinda like when you're doing heavy deadlifts.

    I tend to do a few warm up sets where I keep the bar in the air and let it down slow to feel the pull on the eccentric part of the move.

    Then do a few sets of really heavy where I focus on pulling as hard as I can and letting it drop.

    I've always been under the impression that to stack on mass you need to eat and lift as heavy as possible so I do that to increase the weight I can pull.

    Don't really know the pros and cons of each method but there's my 2 cents

  5. I have my back at an angle where with my arms fully extended the bar is about an inch off the ground. I feel a better stretch in my lats if it hangs at the bottom rather than stopping the movement.

  6. If you cant do heavy weight BB bent over rows without it touching the ground for reps, then work on your grip strength or lower the weight. You get a better pump and better lat activation if you dont hit the ground.. IMO


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